2017 Maple Season Progress Report

This was the original format for the maple season report. Halfway through the season we launched  the Ohio Maple Blog Facebook Page. The response was outstanding. We were able to document the 2017 season with a collection of individual posts and pictures that better represent the sights and events from the past season. You can visit the page and look back on the season that was. Thank you again for your interest in the Ohio Maple Blog and The Ohio Maple Blog Facebook Page.


WELCOME BACK to a New Maple Season Report!

This page is an update on how the season is progressing across the state of Ohio from first tapping to the final boil. The reports are posted from first to last with the most recent posts at the top. Last year we had reports from all over the state and from some of the neighboring states. You guys from West Virginia, New England, New York,  Pennsylvania and Indiana are welcome to join in. If you have a question on maple syrup production I will do my best to answer it via personal mail. I will try to post all of the reports within 12 hours, but occasionally I get sidetracked with a big run. You can send your report on maple syrup production in your sugar bush or in your area to Les Ober at ober.10@osu.edu .

January 12, 2017

The maple is off and running. I have received reports that producers in New York Vermont Rhoda Island and Pennsylvania are tapped and will be making syrup. tonight I was informed that Geauga Maple Company in Geauga County Ohio has tapped is making syrup. The season has begun.  For more up to date reports like us on Facebook at the Ohio Maple Blog Page and you will get the latest information. That information will be recorded on the page in the Ohio Maple Blog.

January 15, 2017

Looks like the early start to the maple season is not an isolated event. As of yesterday I contacted three maple producers in Geauga County all were tapping and two had made syrup. The Gingerich Family Sugarbush, 6000 taps,  had made 100 gallons of syrup. The Geauga Maple Company, 9000 taps,  has been boiling for most of last week. James Miller, 3000taps,  is tapping and expects to boil this week. It is unconfirmed but Ray Gingerich from Colebrook in Ashtabula County may also be in production. After last years premature end to the season these producers are taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along.  Down state there has been little activity and that is surprising. Ed Howell in WV has tapped about half of his woods. I have also gotten reports from New England and New York and many producers are tapping and are also making syrup. Anyone that wants to send me a report you can at ober.10@osu.edu or you can post a comment on the Ohio Maple Blog Facebook Page. The new Facebook page is getting a lot of good responses from Ohio and other states, even Quebec. So check it out and like us on Facebook.

January 28, 2017

Mid week update from Geauga County. Looks like quite a few producers have bought into early tapping and the sap is running good. James at sugar bush valley had 1600 gallons last night and it ran most of the night. Geauga Maple Company is expecting a big run. They have 5000 taps online and running. Gingerich Family is in operation with several hundred gallon made. In Lake County the Cross Brothers are boiling. Ed Howell, Geauga County transplant to WV is now up and boiling. WV is off to a good start. First reports indicate that the sugar content is low but that is to be expected this time of year.

February 8, 2017

Maple producers across Ohio and surrounding states were not going to fall in to the weather trap that they experienced in 2016. The majority of them took advantage of the good weather last weekend and tapped. Good thing because we hit 60 degrees on Tuesday and the sap really flowed. Reports came in from around the state.

John from SW Ohio tapped over the weekend. He reported that he got 180 from 118 taps.

Mike from Columbiana County is 100% tapped.

The Brown Family, Bonhomie Acres Maple Syrup in Knox County boiled for the first time yesterday the 7th

Cross Brothers in Lake County are now into their 3 boil of the season and the sap is flowing good

The Goodell Family in Portage County had their first boil over the last several days.

The Butcher Family in Mt Vernon, Ohio is 60% tapped and boiling.

Thank you goes out Josh Drake In Rhode Island for keep me posted on what is happening in the east. Josh was one of the early tappers featured in the last issue of the Maple News.

On the run Sugar Valley farm brought in 8000 gallons of 3200 taps as of 10:00 pm on Tuesday.

As of 5:00 this morning our Sugarbush, Oberland Farms  Maple is 100% tapped on the home woods.