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Sugarhill Container Price Increase

Below is a letter from the President of Hillside Plastics, Peter Haas.

September 2017

Dear Sugarhill® Customer,

As you may know, Hurricane Harvey created record damage to the petrochemical industry since it made landfall in Texas.  The impact of the storm has been substantial creating significant outages and logistics challenges.  The lingering flooding continues to pose a threat to the plastic bottle industry via disruption in supply.  As a direct result of the damage created by Hurricane Harvey, our resin suppliers declared Force Majeure earlier in September.

We having been doing everything in our power to secure back-up stocks, shift logistics to find alternate means to avoid interruption of supply, etc.  Thus far, despite being on Force Majeure allocation, we have been successful in preventing any significant interruptions to our customers.  Our priority continues to be to do everything we can to continue to provide you quality product with minimal interruption of supply.

This situation has resulted in substantial cost increases for HDPE resin and the logistics to have it delivered to our facility. To that end, we must increase prices by 10%, effective with shipments on 10/1/17 and thereafter.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your business and understanding of this necessary increase.


Pete Haas


262 Millers Falls Road

Turners Falls, MA 01376

(413) 863-2222

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October 15th Pre-registration Deadline for the 2017 Lake Erie Maple Expo Approaching.

Les Ober, OSU Extension Geauga County

It is hard to believe that it has been six years since the concept of developing a maple syrup educational tradeshow, located in the central maple syrup producing region of the country, became a reality. Traditionally the majority of the educational seminars, on maple production, have been centered in New England and New York.  The idea of bringing a maple syrup expo to the shores of Lake Erie was definitely a long shot. However, the LEME planning committee, made up of producers from Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York put together a program that was designed to meet the needs of maple producers in this region. They also realized that they could tap into a whole new audience that were not making the trip to the eastern programs and would really appreciate a chance to attend a maple syrup tradeshow in their home region. The LEME popularity has grown proportionally over the last 5 years. Over 500 producers came to the LEME last year. This year’s edition will continue to raise the bar when it comes to maple syrup education.

What can producers expect when they walk through the doors on November 10 & 11, 2017? On Friday the LEME will present a series of 4 hour workshops where producers have the opportunity of focusing on one specific topic. One of the highlights this year’ workshop series will be a Woods Walk and Talk with Glenn Goodrich. This workshop will offer a rare opportunity to learn the basics of sugarbush layout and design from one of the most respected experts in the maple Industry.  Another area many producers struggle with is tree health and management. To address this topic the LEME has once again invited Cornell University Extension Forester Dr. Peter Smallidge who will present a workshop on Sugarbush Management. For producers interested in a more in-depth look at maple syrup processing there will be three workshops to choose from. This year’s Boiling Workshop will be presented by Kevin Lawyer from the Leader Evaporator Co.  RO information is always in demand and the LEME has once again invited NY Maple Specialist Stephen Childs to discuss RO’s For the Small Producer. One of the most talked about areas in maple production is the adoption of the new grading system and how it relates to maple syrup quality.  Les Ober from OSU Extension along with Ohio Maple Producer and Maple Products Judge James Miller will go in-depth on the topic; Maple Grading and Quality Assurance How Can It Help You? Other workshops include a Beginners Workshop with Laura Dengler and Mark Lewis, A Museum Talk with Janet Woods and a Confections Workshop with Jake Moser. The registration for the Workshops is separate from the Expo registration. The cost to attend a 4 hour workshops is $30.00 which includes lunch.

After the workshops the program shifts back to Northwestern High School where the tradeshow will open at 5:00pm. The program will include maple equipment and more maple equipment along with a panel discussion at 6:30 pm. With all of the expansion in the maple Industry and the recent down turn in bulk prices, have you ever wondered “Where is The Maple Industry Headed?” The panel of expert’s discussion topic, by the same name, should shed some light on the subject.  Panel members include Glen Goodrich of Goodrich Maple, Carl Lapierre from Lapierre Maple Equipment and Joe Orefice, newly named Director of Cornell’s Uihlein Forest Research Center. If you are interested in knowing what the future may hold for the North American Maple Industry in the next 5 years and beyond, you will not want to miss this discussion.

On Saturday the Trade Show will open at 8:00 am followed by concurrent seminars where producers will be able to choose from over 40 different topics. Here is a sampling of the topics at this year’s LEME. Center Acer’s Martin Pelletire who will discuss the Center’s research on Off Flavors. Cornell University is represented by four speakers in this year program. NY Maple Specialist, Steve Childs will demonstrate how to use Vacuum Cooling to improve making maple candy and cream and an overview of maple research at the Cornell Maple Program. Dr. Peter Samllidge will present several programs related to sugarbush improvement and tree health.  Joe Orefice will present two topics on timber production.  Mark Cannella from Cornell’s Cooperative Extension will discuss putting together a business plan for your maple operation.  Les Ober from OSU Extension will offer two programs for the new producer. Industry presentations  include; The Principals of Vacuum and Pump Selection with Carl Lapierre, a boiling  seminar by Leader Evaporator sugarbush monitoring systems from Marcland and a Spin-Fusion demo from CDL. There will also be a wide variety of programs on confections and value added products presented by local and regional producers. A complete updated list of this year’s topics will be available by Mid-September.

Come join your fellow maple producers at the 2017 LEME, November 10 & 11, 2017 at Northwestern High School in Albion Pa. Friday morning the workshops will start at 10:00am at different venues across the area.  Friday evening the doors to tradeshow open at 5:00pm and the show will run until 8:00 pm. The evening program will begin at 6:30pm in the Auditorium. Saturday’s program will start with the tradeshow at 8:00am the educational seminars will begin at 9:00. The cost of both Friday evening and all day Saturday programs is 40.00 dollars. Lunch is included. Please plan on preregistering by Oct 15th.  A late registration fee will be charged after that date. For complete registration information go online to the Northwestern Penn. Maple Producer Association website

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